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    Michele is a nationally known contemporary Christian recording artist who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Her career in music started from her relationship with Jesus. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree as a music major, voice principal and piano minor from Ohio State University in 1983.

    She writes songs about hope from God’s truth to help heal and restore the broken hearted. She states that her songwriting is a, “natural overflow from her relationship with the Lord.” The listener will notice a theme of hope for a broken hearted world. Her songs communicate that one's self-worth and value can only be found in Christ.

    She moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1984 to begin her music career. She signed on as a staff songwriter with Meadowgreen Music Publishers in 1985. In 1989 the Benson Music Group signed Michele to a recording contract for four albums. She had success and recorded six number one songs on the Christian music charts with, “You’re Beautiful”, “Jesus Answers”, “Simple Devoted and True”. “Psalm One”, “Whatever You Ask”, and “There is a Hope”.

    She has three additional albums on her website “A Collection Vol. One” “Miracle of Hope“ “Blind Now I See” and her most recent, “Out Of the Overflow”. Her most recent album, “Out of the Overflow” is a fresh production of four new songs and two reproduced classics! These songs invite the listener into a worshipful experience where lives are renewed and minds transformed through hearing the truth and love of Jesus Christ. You can find these new songs on her website.

    Michele, her husband Gregg, and their son Christopher reside in Broadview Heights, Ohio and attend Cuyahoga Valley Church where Gregg is the Executive Pastor and Michele ministers in music.

    Sincere and transparent are words that describe Michele Wagner. Michele loves the Lord and continues to write and record new music to inspire others to the healing love of Christ. Michele states that, “No matter how many songs or records I produce or how successful or unsuccessful they are, the most important thing is knowing Christ and His love for me and to be His light so others can know Him.” You can follow Michele’s ministry by checking her web site, www.michelewagnermusic.com for the latest music and blogs
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    Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, our family did not talk a lot about God. We did attend an Episcopal church --St Christopher’s—situated by the River. We went to church out of habit because it seemed the ’right thing to do. From a worldly perspective, everything appeared wonderful. I was given much. I had wonderful things: my own horse, piano lessons, ballet and drama lessons etc., but home life wasn’t always peaceful. Love was confusing. I struggled with my own self worth and had insecurities and needed affirmation from others.

    As I grew up, I was young and curious. I knew about God but not personally. I didn’t know Him as my friend. One morning during the church service, the verses in the sermon spoke to me. They were Revelation 3:20 and Romans 10:9-10. I sensed the Lord knocking at my heart and after kneeling and praying to the Lord to believe, I experienced an incredible peace. I truly felt different. I was changed. I simply believed Christ died for me, that nothing I did earned my salvation. Many tears fell out of my eyes that morning. I believe the Lord wanted me to have this big emotional experience so I wouldn’t forget it when I recommitted my life later to make Jesus Lord of my life.

    Even though I accepted Jesus as my Savior that day, as a ten year old, it didn’t seem to impact my life spiritually. I needed spiritual nutrition and I didn’t get it because I didn’t have believing Christian family, friends, or a Bible believing church or youth group. Unfortunately I focused my energies on others to accept me in their crowd. I looked to others for my affirmation and self worth. I was the consummate people pleaser. Life was unfulfilling ‘living on the fence’. Then a friend of mine in high school accepted Jesus. I saw a peace and smile in her eyes and realized I was missing out. It was then as a senior in high school, I recommitted to make Jesus Lord of my life. I realized that my worth and value was not in others, or anything else in this world, but found only in the Lord. I surrendered all to Him and gave Him all of my life.
    He then took care of the rest. He brought me new friends, joy, peace and purpose. I realized He wanted fellowship with me and he paid the price for it. He died on the cross to free me and heal me from my hurts and sins. He gave me the free gift of salvation and abundant life now and forever. He proved He loves me, that I am someone worth dying for, valuable and beautiful in Him.

    Songwriting began to overflow from my intimate love relationship with Jesus because of my time spent knowing Him and reading His word and prayer. I would pray for everything in my life. God led me on His journey each step of the way. I went to Ohio State University and majored in Music. Then I moved to Nashville as a songwriter with Meadowgreen Music, and later became an artist on the Benson label where I recorded four recordings. Later I made two recordings, “A Collection Vol. One” a compilation of my 4 previous released CD’s. After this I recorded a CD titled “Miracle of Hope” 14 songs, intimate, reflective personal prayers.
    Since then I have been writing new songs and currently released a new album “Blind Now I See” containing nine singles inspired from reading scripture and listening to Him. Some of the titles are “Be Still” from Psalm 46 , Trust in the Lord, Proverbs 3:5-6 “Were the Messengers”, Isaiah 61.

    My entire career in music started from my relationship with Him. No matter how many songs or records I produced or how successful or unsuccessful they are, the most important thing is my knowing Christ and His love for me.

    Along life’s journey I met a wonderful man, Gregg Jacobsen, who was visiting Nashville. He was attending a Christian Business Meeting where I sang “you’re Beautiful”. After meeting him and dating long distance I prayed about our relationship and God showed me that he was the man for me to marry. Marriage has been wonderful and healing for I’ve learned I am loved unconditionally. I have also learned it is worth waiting for the right man and I need to love the Lord first. Currently we live in Broadview Heights, Ohio where Gregg is administrative Pastor for our church and I minister in music.

    God blessed us with a son, Christopher, who is such a joy! As Chris continues to grow and mature, he has decided to attend Cedarville University. The Lord faithfully shows me more and more about His great and perfect love toward all His precious children.

    I pray I continue to write new songs as I stay close to Him in His word.


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