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Higher Than Mine
Higher Than Mine
This album is available to purchase at the following online retailers:
iTunes | CD Baby

Track Listing:

1. So Good to Me
2. Count It All Joy
3. The Final Victory
4. Never Thought Love
5. Lazy in Love
6. Higher Than Mine
7. Hallelujah (Lord I Pray)
8. I Have Been Heard
9. Did You Know?
10. Mountains High Valleys Low
$ 10.00
Out Of the Overflow
Out Of the Overflow
An inspiring arrangement of new songs that draw you into a worshipful experience while reminding us of the many blessings God has shown us.

Track Listing:
1. Free As You Are
2. Holy Is The One
3. I Will Pray For You
4. Knowing You Michele
5. Out Of the Overflow
6. Whatever You Ask
$ 10.00
Blind Now I See
Blind Now I See
Nine passionate new songs, arranged with acoustic piano, cello, guitar and drums, that draw you into a worshipful experience reminding us of the many blessings God has shown us.

Track Listing:

1. Looking Forward
2. Grateful For Your Love
3. Be Still
4. Trust In The Lord
5. Blind Now I See
6. We're The Messengers
7. Perfect Timing
8. Psalm 23
9. To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice
$ 10.00
Miracle Of Hope
Miracle Of Hope
This collection of Michele's personal prayers invites you on a healing journey with the Lord. Intimate and reflective, passionate and worshipful, these 14 songs reveal God's strength amidst our own weakness.

Track Listing:
1. You're The Only One
2. Miracle of Hope
3. Light in the Valley
4. Take My weakness
5. My Intercessor
6. Don't Hold Back His Love
7. Christopher
8. Lord Forgive Them
9. Until You Forgive
10. Tender Sensitive Heart
11. She Gave Her All
12. Out of the Shadow Land
13. With My All
14. Do I Love You First
$ 10.00
A Collection; Vol. 1
A Collection; Vol. 1
A collection of Michele's favorite 17 songs from her 4 previously released recordings. They are inspired by her relationship with Jesus and her deep love for Him. Allow these songs to touch your heart.

Track Listing:
1. Heart of the Journey
2. Love's on the Other Side
3. Simple Devoted and True
4. Something Wonderful
5. Safe, Safe Place
6. Jesus Answers
7. He Knows
8. You're the Only One
9. You're Beautiful
10. Someone Worth Dying For
11. Nothing's Gonna Stop This Love
12. Psalm One
13. Whatever You Ask
14. Free to Fail
15. Whatever is Lovely
16. I Will Pray For You
17. Holy One
$ 10.00